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Dr. Marc McCain

"Eating Carbs Again, Lost 100lbs"

My total cholesterol went from 244 to 166 and my LDL went from 147 to 104. It is not just your figure that improves - but also you health. 

Tyler Wall

"I Feel Like an Absolute Machine"

I cannot thank Dr. Kashey enough - not only in my health and performance goals, but in my life as a whole.

Jessica Jaynes

"I Am No Longer Starving Myself Or Eating Myself Sick"

I found a team of people who didn't just change my life...they SAVED my life. I changed my life by trusting them. Thank you.

Christen Fengl

"I am No Longer Afraid of Food"

In the past few months I have made more progress than I ever thought was possible. The Frameshift has helped me re introduce so many good foods into my life. 

Amanda Singer

"It's Not Just About Food, It's About Quality of Life"

The Frameshift has taught me how to eat all the good stuff, improved my relationship with food and make progress in all facets of life. 

Amber Hardman

"Nothing is Off The Table For Me Anymore"

I was absolutely terrified of adding carbohydrates back into my diet - but I did it and I did it successfully! I feel so much better and nothing is off the table for me anymore. 
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